1. All Journals are available in Print, Online, and Print + Online Subscription.

2. Each subscription/access right is personal to the subscriber, and is a non-exclusive, non- transferable right of access from the date of contract.

3. Publishers strives to bring out its issues regularly, but we cannot guarantee for its uninterrupted publication. The Journal cannot be held responsible for postal delays.

4. All subscription orders must be prepaid. Orders will be processed only upon the realization of full subscription amount.

5. Subscription rates for Journals are revised yearly with effect from 1 January for the Subscriptions of Journals from January to December.

6. The right to amend/change access and subscription policies rests with publishers.

7. Indian Libraries/Institutes are required to place the order for the subscriptions of Journals on the Letter Head of the Institute.

8. Change in the address of dispatch should be intimated at least 2 months prior to the dispatch schedule as per the frequency of Journals. Subscribers should mention their Subscriber ID and the Subscription ID.

9. Publishers, if required, can merge the issues of journals and provide the merged issue to the subscribers.

10. To subscribe, please contact us at: info@crsubscription.com , crsubscription2018@gmail.com

11. All legal matters are covered under Indian Laws only and have Delhi, India Jurisdiction.