CR Journals publishes quality peer-reviewed journals both print and online to enhance research and assist our valued customers in accessing relevant research and information quickly and easily, wherever they are.

Why to subscribe with us?

1. Peer Reviewed Journals
2. Cost Effective subscription for the Library
3. Unlimited Downloads
4. Frequency – 2 Print Issues in a year
5. Free Online Access

CR Subscription Agency have the pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading National / International Journals and Magazines Subscription Agency nationwide, covering all technical and non- technical field  i.e., Engineering, Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Architecture, Science, Arts, Management & Law.

Our clientele is spreading steadily across varied distinguished strata involving Universities, Colleges, Institutes, and Public libraries, Govt. Institutions, Corporate Sectors and Research Bodies.

Why to subscribe with us?

1. Member of "The Federation of Publishers' & Booksellers' Associations in India and also member of G.O.C."
2. One point contact for subscription requirements of all Journals / Magazines.
3. Special offer prices for specific combination / bunch of journals.
4. UGC Approved Journals.
5. Having contact with publishers all over the world.
6. Delivery of journals immediately upon receipt from publishers and providing delivery status report from time to time.
7. Immediate response to any problems in regards to subscription ordered by our customers.
8. Seeking feedback from customers about our services from time to time.
9. Dealing with more than 15000 periodicals worldwide.
10. Dealing with more than 1000 publisher's worldwide.
11. Catering services throughout India.
12. Timely settlement of claims for missing issues (if any).
13. Consolidated invoices in a single currency (Indian Rupees) for all Journals.
14. Speedy Processing of orders.